Solid Valuations

As Stock Prices Fall, Some Values Remain Steady

(Graphic by Oleg Gamulinskiy/Pixabay)

Stock values are in the news this week. And while these kinds of values are always going to fluctuate, every enterprise or organization needs a steady set of values to guide it.

We at Navigators Missional Enterprise are committed to several core values that guide our efforts. From time to time, we will highlight one of these core values in our M3 Weekly edition. This week, we focus on the value of Life-to-Life Discipling.

Life-to-Life discipling refers to helping others grow as followers of Jesus through deep connections in everyday life. As David Lyons, an International Vice President for the Navigators, describes:

Navigators are known for what we call “life-to-life” discipleship. This personal approach to helping people grow in Christ is not a program; rather, it involves long-term friendship—going through all of life together while keeping Jesus in the center.

Enterprise is an environment uniquely suited to making a real-life impact on others to help them grow as followers of Jesus. The sheer amount of time most of us spend in the workplace means there are simply more opportunities for us to engage relationally with others. In addition, the workplace environment puts us in real-life situations, engaging a host of real-life issues, where the practical applications of our faith are continually in view.

For a beautiful illustration of life-to-life discipling, check out this short video about Andy in Malawi, farming alongside rural villagers as he makes a life-to-life discipling impact.

If you have a friend, perhaps in business leadership, who needs to be inspired or equipped in this area of Life-to-Life Discipling, consider forwarding this newsletter. We want to see more and more people making a transformational, personal impact upon others in the marketplace to help them become more like Jesus.

Verse(s) of the Week

Philemon 1:6-7: “I pray that your participation in the faith may become effective through knowing every good thing that is in us for the glory of Christ. For I have great joy and encouragement from your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you, brother.” (CSB)

In a letter addressing the impact of faith on the choices of a wealthy merchant, Paul gives thanks for the life-to-life impact occurring, and prays for even more understanding and effectiveness. This week, let’s pray according to this passage for ourselves and our friends in enterprise.

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