M3 Interns

Join the adventure of an M3 Internship

  • Real Business Experience – a paid work internship that will give practical experience in business.
  • Real Community Engagement – living, connecting and contributing in the context of under-resourced communities.
  • Real Discipling Environment – biblical, practical training from experienced disciplemakers.

As an M3 Intern, you will work a short-term internship (generally about 10 weeks) contributing and growing at a company permeated by God’s Kingdom values and principles and committed to the Triple Bottom Line, to:

  • Make a Profit – by successfully serving satisfied customers, making profit reflects a kingdom of God culture that generates wealth for the enterprise, the shareholders, the employees, and the suppliers while adding economic value to the community.
  • Make Disciples – by first becoming a lifetime disciple of Jesus Christ and then engaging in life-to-life discipling with people in your business context, marketplace, and church. 
  • Make a Difference – by adding value to the local community through job creation, selling quality goods and services, helping the needy, taking care of the environment, or countless other ways to bless and serve people in your community.

M3 Interns will gain valuable training in

  1. Personal growth in abiding in Christ
  2. Understanding of theology of work and business as mission
  3. Understanding of the Triple bottom line concept
  4. Practical development in the intern’s area of business focus
  5. Growth in life-to life discipling, with special focus on the context of business

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