Resources for Life-to-Life Discipling in Business

Resources for Life-to-Life Discipling:

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BAM Catalyst Workshop – a highly interactive weekend to experience and learn about missional enterprise

Disciplined Entrepreneurship: a 24-step process for starting a business based on MIT entrepreneurship principles

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Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurs – several entrepreneurship courses

ThirdPath BAM Courses

BAM Training – courses, conferences, and resources

Links to Missional Enterprise Resources:

BAM Global – a comprehensive resource bank for all things related to Business-As-Mission

Faith Driven Entrepreneur – a movement to gather and equip Christ-following entrepreneurs

M3 Interns – a program to give you real-life experience in missional enterprise

M3 Cohorts – peer groups of business owners helping each other be missional in business

Recommended Books and Bible Studies:

The Entrepreneurial God – a Biblical study guide by Donald McGilchrist

God is the grand innovator … a creator who, motivated by love, initiated the first “start-up”—our world. Yet the philosophical wedge driven between what our culture deems “sacred” and “secular” makes it difficult for business leaders and professionals to think about entrepreneurship and innovation through a theological lens. The four studies in this book are designed to broaden our view of God, help us see the profound meaning of business enterprises in relation to God’s eternal purposes, and guide us to establish true foundations for creating and sustaining enterprises that improve our world and help workers flourish.

The Meaning of Work – Book 5 in The Scriptural Roots of Commerce by Donald McGilchrist, Glenn McMahan,

We spend most of our lives working. Do our jobs mean anything to God? The Meaning of Work offers a hopeful answer to that question. Early in the story, we discover a God who works with passion and love, and who has designed us to work. We explore the truth that all work done in faith is sacred and purposeful. The study then helps us discover how our professional lives can be integrated with God’s work to restore a broken world. It closes with an investigation of physical and spiritual rest in the context of our stressful times.

The Missional Entrepreneur – Principles and Practices for Business as Mission by Mark L. Russell

Based on the author’s firsthand research in more than 70 countries, The Missional Entrepreneur offers a uniquely informative book that helps readers see business-as-mission (BAM) in action and understand its reality for today. This book explores the nuances of BAM and includes both theological reflections and contemporary case studies.

Business for Transformation – Getting Started by Patrick Lai

Business for Transformation focuses on answering the question: “How do you start a business that transforms communities of unreached peoples?” Written by the founder of the OPEN Network, a network of over 700 practitioners of business as mission (BAM) and business for transformation (B4T), this book draws on years of experience from scores of OPEN workers. It is written for new workers and coaches who need practical guidance in setting up and doing business in hard, churchless areas.

Prayer Powered Entrepreneur – by Kim Avery

In The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur, Christian business coach Kim Avery encourages entrepreneurs to keep God at the center of everything, praying in alignment with the things He has already promised, and anticipating His daily activity in their lives. During this month-long journey, business owners learn how to build a better business, live a better life, and make a bigger impact—all through the simple practice of inside-out prayer.

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